6 weeks One-on-one sessions

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SOME PEOPLE exceed expectations while others struggle.

SOME INDIVIDUALS are stunning communicators while others feel unseen, unheard, misunderstood.

SOME MASTERFULLY juggle a million things while others are stay paralysed by fear, inertia and stagnation.

Where are you at in your life?
Where are you heading?
What are your current goals and dreams?
What is holding you back from achieving them?

​Personal Breakthrough Program

is the opportunity to target areas, where you would like to achieve greater success.

This may include specific areas of your life – business/career, relationships, health, personal development or any other important area.

You may have many areas that are already very successful, and there might be areas where you feel stuck. A Personal Breakthrough Program will assist you to make the changes quickly, easily and comfortably all whilst achieving significant results.


Intensive coaching sessions utilize Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques, Time Line Therapy™, Hypnosis, Spiral, intensify and fast track the future you have only dreamed of having.

Delivered online via Zoom or Skype

anastasha grace


Anastasha Grace is a transformational coach, repatterning specialist and emotional wellbeing practitioner. In her healing practice, she uses a wide range of tools such as energy clearing, kinesiology, NLP, trauma release, hypnotherapy, the Spiral, the perennial chakra system, the Hawkins’ Scale of Consciousness to assist high achievers with psycho-emotional deconditioning, removing unsupportive beliefs, reducing stress levels, change old patterns, building emotional intelligence and increasing self-awareness.

Her methods are unconventional. Results are remarkable. 

Results that clients experience after going through Anastasha’s programs are life-changing. 

Just after one session, you are guaranteed to experience: 

reduction in stress and anxiety

feeling more peaceful and aware

experiencing deep relaxation or bliss

perceptual clarity and sense of direction

greater joy, confidence and ease in self-expression

an expansive sense of well-being

more focus, greater enthusiasm and zest

increased levels of energy

anastasha grace
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