Hi I am Anastasha Grace.

Emotional Clearing Practitioner.
Behavioural Specialist.
Transformation Coach.
Energy Therapist.

Born with innate healing and intuitive abilities, I have spent many years studying transpersonal psychology, psychosomatics, human consciousness, spirituality, bioenergetic therapy, metaphysics, and energy healing. I know what it is to be energetically switched on, because I’ve done the hard work to get there myself.

I specialize in transformational work for the healing of soul, mind, body and spirit including Inner child work, Shadow work, Archetypal work, energy work, channelling, spiritual practices, meditation, hypnotherapy and trauma release therapy.

How did I get where I am right now?

No one is born knowing they are going to become a spiritual teacher or energy healer, neither was I.

I could not even imagine that I will be doing healing work… All of my trainings and learnings I’ve done to understand more about myself. I wanted to know why am I here, who I am, how do I function, why do I do things that I do and react the way I do. I was my best subject and my best teacher.

First time I asked myself a question ‘Why am I here?’ When I was 8. 

At 17 I dived into reading books on healing, the power of beliefs and subconscious mind, human behaviour, psychosomatics, spirituality and never stopped since. 

THOUSANDS of hours of learning, studying, reading hundreds of books, having my own breakdowns and revelations. Hundreds of THOUSANDS of dollars spent on self-development, coaches, therapists, psychologists, mentors, trainings, workshops over the past 20 years.

It feels like I’ve lived through 10 different lives….

I spent the first portion of my life living under the end of Soviet Russia. I discovered early on that what we’re born into doesn’t always make sense, and isn’t always fair or just, and I have made it my life’s work to dig deeper into who we are, why we are, and how we can live with purpose and compassion.

This journey towards healing has brought me down many paths. I have degrees in financial management, business, and accounting from the United States, Australia, and Russia. I’ve founded successful companies, I’ve authored a book, and I’ve been a loving and dedicated wife and mother. All of paths these brought their own lessons, but I consistently came back to myself, and a feeling that there was more to be discovered, more potential, for me and for those around me.

I’ve been through the pain and suffering, hit ecstatic highs and catastrophic lows… Whether you’re at the top of the mountain, or at rock bottom, I know it is possible to rise, to achieve fulfillment, to truly thrive and to find self-love, inner-peace, and contentment. It is possible to release the traumas that you have collected over your life and attract the abundance and joy that you seek.

I know this is possible because I have, and continue to do, all the work that it takes to achieve this. Now, I want to bring this work to you.

Combining the knowledge I have in hypnotherapy, NLP, kinesiology, Acuenergetics, breathwork, hands-on healing, the Spiral, interpersonal therapy, Soul Regression Therapy and more, I focus on psycho-emotional deconditioning that will unravel over time, aligning you with your true power and potential.

My purpose is to free you from the old beliefs, blockages, conditioning, and patterns that keep you limited, suppressed, confused, unfulfilled or unhappy. Using clairsentience and clairaudience abilities, powerful energy clearing tools, and work that is rooted in hundreds of hours of study, practice, and training, my purpose is to work with you to reach your full potential; to achieve fulfilment, and to thrive in all that you do.

None of us are exempt from doing the inner-work required to make you the person you want to be. If you’re ready to reach your full potential, to achieve all that you hope for, and to do the work required to gain true happiness and fulfilment, I’d love to help you get there.

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What my Clients say

Trust me, you wont regret it I have first done Spiral clearing with Anastasha after separation from my husband. Through the clearing I have realised how closed I was to myself and life in general. I was paralysed with guilt and fear, and my heart was closed in pain and grief. I was amazed how accurate Anastasha was able to connect to issues that were relevant to me and clear them from my body. I am a very happy, inspired woman in an amazing loving relationship. I strongly recommend everyone to do the spiral clearing. Anastasha is an amazing, deeply intuitive and very knowledgeable practitioner. Trust me, you wont regret it!


I strongly recommend to visit these sessions The feeling of constant stress, worrying, frustration have constantly accompanying me, I felt like I was heading to a depressive state. After sessions with Anastasha I could not believe the positive changes that have occurred. I became less irritable, more calm, relaxed and in control of my emotions. I felt like I managed let go of some painful baggage, I felt lighter and stronger. For anyone who has time, opportunity and especially desire to change smth in their lives, I strongly recommend to visit these sessions.


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