The Beginning

Diagnostics Session – 1 hour – $300 

In this session, you will discover all hidden blocks, patterns, conditioning, beliefs that are standing in a way of your happiness, wellness, money, success, love and everything you desire in life. As a human x-ray, I scan the human psyche and looking for traumas, woundings, limitations and unsupportive beliefs, and the conditioning a person picked up throughout life and in childhood.  Money-back guarantee.

Silver Option

6-week Breakthrough Program  $1500 – One of the most profoundly powerful processes for personal change, healing, and transformation using NLP tools.

Fall in Love with Your Life – This 6-week group program is a dive deep into the five wounds of childhood. A premium coaching experience will guide you to see your life, yourself and your relationships through a different lens.

Gold Option

Work with me one-on-one.
Life-changing 3-months program $5000

The Spiral combines the most powerful personal transformation techniques and healing modalities together and utilizes a powerful process called “root clearing” to remove sabotaging patterns, childhood conditioning and wounds, aligning you with your true power and authenticity.

Destined for Love 

VIP Option

12-months work with me one-on-one $50,000

Life will never be the same.

Creating a Power Couple – A unique 10-months  program for couples – $50 000 (per couple)

Maintenance Package (for past and existing clients)

The program is based on one session every 4 weeks for a 3-months package. 

Each session is $200 (which is below my usual rate) 

$50 per week X 12 payments on the payment plan.

What My Clients Say

Irene Scott
Irene Scottirene.scott
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I decided to try the Spiral sessions with Anastasha after reading the positive feedback from other clients to help me move forward. The Spiral sessions were different, but I was open to experiencing it all and listening to Anastasha’s coaching. I found each session to be spot on and relevant to my life experiences. Anastasha identified my emotional, spiritual and financial blocks, and where they started from. It was an amazing experience each time Anastasha pinpointed a moment in my life that had created a block. The sessions gave me definite ways to process and move past the blocks. The biggest change was acknowledging that I need to make myself a priority and live my life based on my desires, hopes and dreams. The sessions helped me let go of my fears, move past my blocks and tune into my intuition. Since the program, I have been more open to opportunities, trusted my intuition and stood up for myself more. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to uncover the blockages that are holding them back from living their life purpose.
Xavier Avogniko
Xavier Avognikoxavier.avogniko
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I did a 7 weeks Spiral healing with Anastasia Grace, 2 years ago in 2018. I have to say that it has been a life changing experience and has bring an abundance in my life till today. This healing has able me to conquer all blokes that was in me and holding me back from my ability to grow in love. Since all those blokes has been lifted from the guidance of Anastasia, I am living my dream everyday since and I am in a abundance in all area of my life (Financially, emotionally, spiritually), which I wasn't before. I would definitely recommend her guidance to anyone that seek their true potential. Thank you Anastasia

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