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The Spiral

The Spiral is a 8-week program of gradual progress and clearing to increased energy, confidence, and presence.

In one-on-one sessions we dive deep into the way your mind is programmed, what formed your beliefs, values, and IDENTIFY and RELEASE limiting beliefs that hold you back from the life you want.

Reclaiming your Kingdom program

Liberate yourself from the influence of Shadow Archetypes and step into your Sovereign, Warrior/Warrioress, Magician and Lover.

Self-sabotage, pleasing others, feeling victimised or disempowered - they are all expression of the Shadow Archetypes.

Would you like to feel competent, creative, in your full power, integrity, authenticity, and live your life with the strong sense of authority and respect?

“Unstoppable” Program for Men

This 16 one-on-one program delivered over 5-6 months is the most powerful work you will ever do and it will keep unfolding for the rest of your life.

You will experience rapid release of painful patterns, personal empowerment & actualising your greatness. You will invoke your inner King, which commands the respect of other men, the admiration of women, and the love of children. You will truly be UNSTOPPABLE.

Heal your Relationship with Money

What does your relationship with money look like? Do you feel betrayed, disappointed, anxious, angry?

What if you could change your feelings, emotions, beliefs about money from worry to content, from Fear to Ease, from Anxiety to Love?

After going through this process I felt free for the first time in my life! And guess what? Money started flowing easily.

From Abandonment to Love

Early trauma of abandonment and rejection shows up as a lingering feeling of insecurity, intrusive thoughts, emptiness, unstable sense of self, clinginess, neediness, extreme mood fluctuations and frequent relationship conflicts. On the flip side, one might also cope by cutting off completely, and become emotionally numb.

Reach new deep levels of love and connection though the healing of the past.

Sexual Awakening Program

Deep transformation program to unblock your sexual energy, open your heart and connect to your life force.

Clear away shame, guilt, dogma, sexual insecurity, jealousy and more. Deepen connection, emotional intimacy and love with yourself and your partner. Discover your orgasmic potential.

Higher Perspective Business Coaching

Channeling from the Akashic Perspective and delivering direct messages from YOUR business. Yes, like any other entity, your business has consciousness, align your goals, visions, strategies and action with the energy field of your business. No more struggles and guesswork. Make your business your ally.

Akashic Records Channeling and Healing Session

Channeling is the ability to receive direct messages and act as a conduit for Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones. The Reading proceeds from your questions and the issues you raise. In the second part of the session I will offer the clearing of blocks, emotions, patterns and energies that are causing the issue in your life.

What my clients say

"If you ever wanted to start a new life, to be born again, the Spiral is the way to do it. You will leave past in the past and you can start from the first session to enjoy the “now" moment. I’m extremely grateful for this technique and for the mastery of it Anastasha. She is professional, wise and kind. We do everything we can to improve our life and this is the way to take care of ourselves. May all you experience this blessing with amazing Anastasha!“
Tatjana Tiorsa
Feeling incredibly inspired, motivated, joyful and empowered after the session with Anastasha! Some emotional things have been resolved and I received so much insight on things I want to be and do, skills to develop and future paths to take and explore, a suiting job and clarity around my purpose, and all very personal and specific, intuitively. I just know this is exactly what I needed! Very grateful for your help!
Paul S
Business owner, Entrepreneur
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