Marketing Executive, Australia

“I have first done Spiral clearing with Anastasha in 2015 after separation from my husband. Through the clearing I have realised how closed I was to myself and life in general. I was paralysed with guilt and fear, and my heart was closed in pain and grief. I was amazed how accurate Anastasha was able to connect to issues that were relevant to me and clear them from my body.

During 7 weeks of clearing I felt lighter, calmer, more inspired and loving. I was able to pinpoint the areas and limited beliefs that were paralysing me and holding me from experiencing the life fully.  Though sceptical at the start of the technique, I was immensely grateful that I have done it.

Fast-forward two and half years, my life has changed dramatically. I am a very happy, inspired woman in an amazing loving relationship. I have learned to be present and aware of emotions in my life as they appear and process them with awareness so that they don’t get trapped in my body.

I was going through my second Spiral  in 2018 as I felt I could dive deeper and uncover believes that hold me back. Even after 2 sessions I had huge shifts that allowed me to release completely my fear of confrontations.  I was able to clear guilt and now able to stay calm and neutral in difficult situations. I can stand my ground, voice my boundaries and be authentic in my communication without the trembling emotions of fear or need to please.

I have freed up my self-acceptance and self-appreciation that lead to me being more loving, inspired and companionate to other people.

I strongly recommend everyone to do the Spiral Program. Anastasha is an amazing, deeply intuitive and very knowledgeable practitioner. Trust me, you wont regret it”

Janice Dilone,

Model, USA

I am so much for everything that Anastasha have done for me, the Spiral has been an incredible journey. Something I know I’m going to take with me for the rest of my life.

Since I started working with Anastasha I started understanding and seeing my feelings, my thoughts and behaviors a lot more.  I started seeing my blind spots. I worked through all these little behaviors and these old traumas that I didn’t even realize that I’ve had

I started giving myself a lot more compassion and love than I ever could have expected to give myself… and in return, I also started receiving a lot more as well.

This program has been absolutely incredible.

I feel really confident and I feel really peaceful and I feel really supported by the universe and life in general.

It’s one thing to walk around with false, ego-building confidence and completely another thing is to walk around with true confidence.

I achieved amazing level of peace in my heart; and there’s no greater confidence than being able to walk into any situation when there’s chaos just feel completely at peace.

And I feel like that’s what this program has done for me… so thank you”.

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Tracy Millar,

Psychotherapist, Australia

“I met Anastasha at a difficult time after getting a diagnosis of Melanoma. That was also in the wider context of ongoing challenge and change in my life.

The Spiral sessions were unusual but deeply perceptive and relevant to my life experiences. Blocks of my emotional and spiritual well-being were identified for me and I was able to acknowledge how they became a problem and also start the process of letting them go.

The most outstanding change for me has been identifying that I was pushing myself through life based on fears rather than guiding myself forward based on my desires, hopes and dreams…

The sessions have helped me let go of fears and listen more to my Higher self. This has led to significant changes in all aspects of my life. It has also helped with those important relationships with family that get bogged down in old patterns! I have stood up for myself more and let things go when they just have nothing to do with me. Thanks Anastasha!”

Zhanna Sattsaeva,

Stunt Actress, USA

“I have completed the Spiral program with Anastasha and my life started to shift rapidly. Soon after finishing the program, I received my US Green Card that I had been waiting for over a year; and moved to LA to pursue my stunt-acting career. 

I’m going through this new stage in my life with a sense of confidence, self-awareness and I feel grounded like never before. Now I understand and see clearly the patterns that were holding me back. I would recommend the program to anyone that is serious about changing their life, about getting in touch with their true purpose and about living their dreams.”

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Dimitri Fisun,

Actor, Model, NY

I was working for years with different therapists, approaches, and techniques to uncover my true self, to get to love myself unconditionally and allow people to really truly see me. I am an actor and it was not only important for me personally but my professional life completely depended on the ability to do that. 

The Spiral was my first experience with energy healing work – I was skeptical, I did not know what to expect, it all sounded very impossible to believe in – but after the first session my doubts were gone, somehow Anastasha saw Me for who I am. The Spiral was a life-changing experience for me, with every level my defenses, my shield was losing its grip – not that it was not there anymore, but it did not have control over me anymore somehow. I would catch myself saying and doing things I would never say or do before, being more and more confident in my own skin with every level of the Spiral. It felt like I could finally let go of all the baggage that was not ME. I felt freest I ever felt in my life. And the most important part is that it didn’t stop after I finished Spiral, the effect continues every day. 

People around me noticed the change and I keep hearing: “You got more mature. you got wiser”. 

I got more myself – and I thank Anastasha, her knowledge and Spiral for this inner change.

Tarek Bibi

Spiritual Teacher, Conscious rap artist

“Anastasha, thank you so much. I really appreciate our sessions. I am blown away by how amazing you are.
I’ve been working with healers for over 10 years and I’m blown away by how fast you’re able to pinpoint the root cause of my blocks and how accurate you’re.”

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Paul S

Business Owner, Entrepreneur

Feeling incredibly inspired, motivated, joyful and empowered after the session with Anastasha!  Some emotional things have been resolved and I received so much insight on things I want to be and do, skills to develop and future paths to take and explore, a suiting job and clarity around my purpose, and all very personal and specific, intuitively.  I just know this is exactly what I needed! Very grateful for your help!

Tatjana Tiorsa

“If you ever wanted to start a new life, to be born again, the Spiral is the way to do it. You will leave past in the past and you can start from the first session to enjoy the “now” moment. I’m extremely grateful for this technique and for the mastery of it Anastasha. She is professional, wise and kind.

We do everything we can to improve our life and this is the way to take care of ourselves. May all you experience this blessing with amazing Anastasha!

Julie McCombe

Intuitive Healer

“I had the privilege of having a healing session with Anastasha. Her work is amazing and she is a very gifted healer. 

Anastasha shifted a huge block for me around my heart. Thanks to Anastasha I am able to continue my work as a healer. 

Forever grateful. Julie McCombe”

Xavier Avogniko, Australia

How I went from 4-stage cancer and $50 left in my bank account to healthy, travelling, and buying cars, caravans and boats after working with Anastasha for 4 months. Watch my interview here:  

Ksenia D, Australia

What she does is unbelievable! Anastasha has this incredible gift to pick very accurately negative emotions that are blocking creativity, focus, freedom, joy! So spot on! Without even knowing the circumstances of the events she names exactly what is going on in my emotional and mental space and helps to release it in minutes, restoring my optimal performance and happiness! I work with Anastasha regularly and it blows my mind every time!

I have completed the Spiral program with Anastasha in April 2019 and I lots of changes happened just 2 months into the program. I have transformed my relationships with my parents, fell deeply in love, moved in with my man, changed my business, had massive realisations about myself, my behaviours and my patterns. I am really grateful for that opportunity and strongly recommend it to everyone. You don’t have to understand it, you just need to get you in that session. The rest will simply unfold.

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