7 Steps You Must Take To Create A Personal Breakthrough

Below are the seven things you must do to create a personal breakthrough:

1.Arrive at a low point
Rarely I’ve seen people signing up for a breakthrough or transformational program from the place of total bliss and euphoria. Some degree of discontent or dissatisfaction must exist. Whether that state is permanent (like in my case, hence the ridiculous amount of self-work I’ve done) or situational and effecting some part of your life.

2. Pay attention to your stories
The starting point is to reflect on where are you now and how did you get here. What stories are telling yourself? Some stories people tell themselves are quite harmful to their sense of self-worth, confidence level and the ability to achieve success. 

3. Make a decision
No breakthrough can occur unless you make a decision that something has to change. You need to cut ties with your old ways of being, behaving, thinking, taking action and responding to life. 

4. Set new standards
Standards you set will determine your minimum requirements for each area of your life. It means having a list of what you are not going to accept from the external world or the people in your life. These new standards apply to you too. You must be unwavering in your pursuit of these standards.

5. Architect your new life
To create the future you desire you need to know what you want. What do you see for yourself in all areas of your life in 3 months, 1 year, 5 years?

6. Adopt at least 3 new positive habits
Repeating the old behaviour will create the old result. Habits are the small acts each day that you repeatedly do that hugely affect your overall success. 

7. Know your ‘why’
You need to know your personal why. Sometimes it is not on the surface and you have to dig in to formulate your fundamental purpose for existence. Your why will give you clarity, will navigate you through life and will support you when you need it.

My WHY: To facilitate openness to love, self-expression, aliveness, growth and sovereignty in others so they live the life of freedom, adventure and full self-expression.

Let’s discover yours.















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