Want more intimacy in your relationship? Create agreements!

Being in a safe, loving, committed relationship feels good.

However, with time many couples experience disconnect and even hostility in their relationships.  

How to create an environment where you are always feel understood, accepted and cherished? 

Stan Tatkin, PSY-D, MFT, is a clinician, researcher, author and developer of a Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy® (PACT), gives practical tools to improve your relationship in his book “Wired for Love”.

Stan Tatkin shows how creating a ‘couple bubble’ builds safely and intimacy. Love and connection are the main human needs and in our relationships, we seek a safe zone where we can heal our core wounds of abandonment, rejection, injustice, humiliation and betrayal.

It is important to know that what makes you feel safe and secure may not be the same for your partner. Have an honest and open conversation on what foundation you want to create in your relationship.

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