Have you heard people say “I’m nothing without you?”…

“I’m nothing without this. I am nothing without my purpose, without this company, without my business?

Think about it.

When you say that, you devalue yourself and you place your own value outside of yourself onto something or someone that you have no control over.

And as it often happens in life, that precious thing, or person, or company, money or status, love can be taken away.

They can disappear at an instant because, as Tibetian wisdom says, everything that is born will die, everything that has the beginning has the end.

And what does it leave you with?

When you place your worth and importance outside of yourself and it disappears, you are left with nothing.

I’ve seen it again and again.

And I have made the same mistake, placing my importance onto my purpose. I had a huge need to be purposeful: “I have to show up, I have to make difference in the world, I have to make the change in the world. Otherwise, I am nothing and my life means nothing”.

Feel the emptiness and despair of these words. And the soul-crushing feeling underneath that belief. “I am nothing.”

The truth is, if I am nothing without my purpose, my purpose means NOTHING.

If I’m not placing my value on ME, nothing that I create in this life is actually valuable.

Because the value really resides in me, I am the carrier of that value. And I’m the transmitter and the channel through which this value is translated and emanated into the world.

Let’s do the math.

If my self-value is zero, if I am a zero, everything that I multiply becomes zero. (The rule says that anything multiplied by 0 is equal to 0).

So I need to carry value within myself.

I need to be of value in order for anything that I’m bringing through – my knowledge, communication, writing, healing, my coaching, my ability to love, my ability to care for people – be valuable. As it can only be multiplied by the value I carry. If I am a zero, all of that love and care becomes a zero.

This is how we devalue ourselves and get cut off from our own power.

This old belief many people carry from early childhood, from being shamed for being self-centred, selfish, drawing attention onto themselves, for trying to express themselves, for having an opinion.

But you are not a child anymore, you can take your power back.

You can claim it back.

You can cancel the belief.

You can remove it from your unconscious mind.

You can drop it and it does not take years of self-development and healing.

It can happen at instant and instant as soon as you make the decision to change, to cancel the believe – it has no power over you anymore.

That and more I teach in my free course Freedom Potential Mastery.

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