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Is silence really golden?

They say – silence is golden.

I say –  silence is a killer.

Silence had killed more relationships, business partnerships, opportunities than you can imagine. 

Not speaking up when in doubt 

Not asking questions to clarify

Not informing about how things are progressing

Giving silent treatments

Not trusting yourself to say the right thing

Fearing of not being understood

Not returning a letter or a call in a personal or business relationship  

Not caring enough to communicate …

Silence kills trust, creates muddiness in interactions, gives a room assumptions and misjudgements.

Our biggest pain as humans is that we are not telepathic, there is no other way for us to transmit our inner world into the outer apart from a clear, truthful, well articulated speech. Lack of clarity and transparency creates Shadow. The wicked part of our mind takes over and runs wild.

I had a pleasure to witness my brain during the 10-day silence Vipassana retreat.

For 10 days I lived with a group of women, sharing the common space, the dining area, meditation hall and sleeping chambers. For 10 days our job is to go inwards and not to speak to each other, look at each other, gesture, or communicate in any other way.

I’ve noticed how hostile and unfriendly everyone seemed to me, I had very little trust or connection I had with those women… Until the last day, when we were allowed to talk and have lunch together. All over sudden the retreat turned into the most cheerful, light, bubbly space, people sharing, talking, laughing and supporting each other. Someone who looked cold and snobby in silence, had the warmest smile and open personality.

People fear what they do not understand. 

Helping them understand and freeing them from doubts, concerns, suspicions and the unknown is an act of kindness. 

Speak up.

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