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Society is Immature

Take a deep breath.

This post will talk about the uncomfortable truth that you might want to hear.

Our society is immature.

Many people simply do not know the difference between living as an adult, sovereign, mature, self-responsible, self-assertive being and living life from the archetype of a child. There is no one to blame here. For centuries the government, authorities, religion, and people in power through generation after generation how to live in obedience, and humility.

Notice the word “authority”. If someone, like a government official, is called ‘an authority’, it means you are not. Do you know what’s the opposite of ‘authority’?

powerlessness, ineptitude, incompetence, inefficiency, inadequacy, incompetency, insufficiency, unfitness, amateurishness, unskillfulness”

Every time you victimize yourself — feeling that you are not deserving, not smart enough, or not good enough, reside in blame and control, feel rejected or abandoned, confused or do not have a sense of self, passive-aggressiveness, feeling taken for granted, with no support, have no boundaries.

Or say: 

  • This isn’t fair.
  • I’m not allowed.
  • Where’s the justice?
  • Where’s my help?
  • Why me?
  • This is overwhelming.
  • Why am I always alone?
  • What do you think?
  • I don’t know 
  • I need permission.
  • I can’t 
  • Who am I?

The list goes on – wishful thinking, entitlement, self-pity, self-isolation, anger, clingy/neediness, depression, extreme emotions, irrationality, resentment, greed, control, and people-pleasing….

A Child.

Outer child, Inner child, Wounded Child, Abandoned Child, Dependent Child — Different expressions of powerlessness and immaturity.

There are hundreds of books and courses published on how to deal with symptoms of the same problem – as humans we simply do not know how to be sovereign and mature, fully standing in our self-governance, self-authority, status, self-permission, self-validation, self-awareness, self-mastery.

Everywhere the Sovereign is present, they create order, not havoc. ​Just, fair and supportive — the Sovereign establishes the vision, takes responsibility, empowers others, and sets fair and positive boundaries.  

But what does this actually look like in real life? How do you identify when you are not in your Domain of Power?

Watch your thoughts and listen to your own words. Try saying these: 

  • This is who I am.
  • This is my Truth.
  • Nobody’s actions, or thoughts have any power over my wellbeing, happiness, sense of self, and identity.
  • I don’t care about what’s fair, because I am the source of my own power and well being.
  • I don’t monitor how other people are behaving, or how they’re treating me compared to others, because it simply has no bearing on my well being at all.
  • I am my own power source, no one else.
  • I take full ownership over my power, and its impact, and therefore I don’t worry about whether others notice, don’t notice, take credit, or not, because it’s not actually possible for them to take from me what I don’t give them.

We live in a world that does not support self-empowerment or sovereignty. So it is our job to become responsible for ourselves and say ‘No’ to things that go against our values. If each and everyone does it – there will be no manipulation, lies, wars, bullying, victimization, fear, or suppression.

It just takes spirit, mind, and emotions for us all to mature.

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