There a few elements that are affecting your ability to manifest what you desire

You want to attract a wonderful partner into your life, or you are dreaming of expanding your business, manifesting a dream lifestyle. You seem to do all the right things, learning about the law of attraction and applying it diligently but things are still not going the way you want it?

Let’s explore some fundamentals that could be affecting your ability to manifest what you desire:

1. Your frequency.
How high and pure it is. Uncontaminated with doubts, fears, insecurities, lack of self-belief, hidden shame and low self-esteem. Negative emotions have a very low vibration. Think of yourself as a vibrational transmitter, and your vibration is your energetic frequency. Your transmission creates the field that you live in. 

Solution: heal, forgive, clear, let go, practice gratitude, connect with nature

2. Precision.
How aligned you are with what you want to manifest, absence of conflicting programs in your unconscious and your ability to keep the focus. 

Solution: get clear with your values, set priorities, remove old conditioning and unsupporting beliefs  

3. Your capacity to hold power.
I am not talking about ego and need to control and dominate. I mean your inner power. Your life force. Your mental, spiritual, physical, emotional, creative energy. Money energy. Your ability to dive in very deep only to realise that all of the above is LOVE.

Solution: Come to the place of full surrender, vulnerability and submission. You will know where to do from there. 

4. Your ability to master your Shadow.
Dirtiest, filthiest, most embarrassing, pathetic, scariest, ugliest parts of us are hiding within our psyche. That’s the part that sabotages your relationships, wastes away your money, hurts you and others, does all those bad, bad things. 

Solution: Do your work. Find your Shadow, see it, accept it, acknowledge it, love it. And then – command it.

5. Harmony in your Masculine and Feminine energies.
To make it even more confusing – the relationship between your Dark and Light Masculine and Feminine. If you are wondering why your partner does not accept you, care or treat you right. If the money game is like a yo-yo. If you are experiencing disconnection, disbalance, lack of safety and security, impotence or inertia. Or contrarily, have a need to control, force and dominate – your energies are not balanced.

Solution: Integrate your feminine and masculine, create that sacred union of creation, explore the depth of your sexual energy.

6. Your ability to integrate.
The last but not least – integration that requires your behavioural, mental, spiritual, energetic and physiological flexibility. 

In order for a new to be born, the old must be willing to die. Every transformation starts with the death of something, some part of you.  A new, expanded part is then integrated into a whole and the process of death, rebirth, expansion and transformation continues.

Solution: Say ‘yes’ to life.

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